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We are Lisa Enckell and Andreas Ehn, angel investors and consultants based in Singapore. In 2015, after several years working for- and co-founding startups in Stockholm and San Francisco we decided to start Approach, a five-year learning project.

We aim to explore ten different countries to understand the world better. We have chosen countries that we believe will have the largest economic impact in 25–30 years from now.

In every market we work with local companies and investors and look for startups to invest in.

Current location: Singapore

Ten countries, five years, three ways


What better ways to learn about a place than to live there?


In each country we want to learn as much as possible about its people, culture, history, language, business, industry and nature. We want to eat the food, listen to the music, read the news and make new friends. We want to approach new cultures with an open mind.


We want to work with local companies and investors.

Consult and advise

Drawing on a decade’s experience working with startups, investors and corporates across the US, Europe and Asia, we can help with everything from product and go-to-market strategy to tech due diligence and M&A processes.


We're looking for great teams and products to invest in.

Angel investments

We back founders from all parts of the world who are passionate about building products, whether it’s a mobile consumer app, a SaaS business or hardware. We write $25–50k checks and prefer to be the first money in.

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