2013   Stockholm

Automile gives you full control over car fleets of any size. It’s a tiny little device that track the car’s data and make it available online.

2013   Berlin

Clue is the world’s fastest growing period tracking app. It helps women understand their bodies and take control of their reproductive health.

2006   Stockholm

Spotify is one of Stockholm and Sweden’s startup successes giving music to millions of people every day.

2014   Stockholm

Mentimeter lets you engage and interact with your audience in real-time and makes your presentation, meeting or lecture more fun and engaging.

2012   Copenhagen

Opbeat combines performance metrics, release tracking, and error logging into a single simple service.


2015   San Francisco

Timekit provides a powerful API for all things calendar, schedule and booking related. Easily added to any mobile application or website.


2009   San Francisco

Uber is an on-demand transportation service changing how people move around in cities.

2011   Stockholm

Wrapp is the social-gifting app that turned into smart rewards and offers on your credit card.

2012   New York

Sunrise calendar is designed to make your life easier. It quickly got very popular due to it’s usability and beautiful design. Microsoft acquired the company in 2015.

2007   Stockholm

Videoplaza was a pioneer in online video monetization helping TV channels around the world earning money on their online content. It got acquired by Ooyala in 2014.