A small group of experienced growth marketers is gathering in Singapore in May 2018 to work on their marketing, data analytics, PR, branding and product management skills. It will be intense, demanding and hopefully very rewarding.

It’s time to level up. Instead of continuing our daily work routines or attending a traditional conference, we’ve put together our own growth marketing camp. Similar to a boot camp, the plan is to train hard for several days to reach the next level.

Growth marketing camp activities

SWAT team visits

We visit local teams for workshops, presentations or hands-on work. Teams will share a challenge with us, which we will help them solve.


Each one of the participants will bring a problem she currently faces. As a group, we dedicate a couple of hours to solving it. We learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.


We distill our experience and knowledge into sharp and succinct presentations. We share our stories during interactive presentations and look forward to learning from the audience’s questions and feedback.

Social activities

You can’t spend time in Singapore without properly sampling the world cuisine the city offers. We will explore some of Singapore’s lovely sights and, just like a traditional boot camp, we will make sure to do our daily workout.

Get involved

Are you based in Singapore and work for an organization that could need a SWAT team visit or presentation? Let us know!

Are you an experienced growth marketer in Singapore or with a travel budget who’d like to join us? Apply! We will keep the group small as we believe the most value will come from having an intimate group. However, we would love to broaden our own network and perspectives and welcome a few more participants.


Donna Hanafi

Donna is a true growth star and the CMO at Greta.io – a company dedicated to helping users increase site performance via an innovative approach to content delivery. She’s been acknowledged as one of Sweden’s super talents and she knows how to build hype around companies, people and technologies.

Jasmin Yaya

As a product consultant at the growth agency Rebel & Bird, Jasmin spends her days working with some of the fastest-growing startups in Sweden as well as more mature companies that need to level up in all things digital. She has a passion for data with a strong background in data analytics. She pairs that with a great eye for design and knows how to create winning user experiences. She is also the queen of execution.

Lisa Enckell

Lisa is an independent marketing and product development consultant. She has worked with startups (and lived) in Europe, the US and Asia and is now based in Singapore. She’s on a constant hunt to optimize, whether it’s an onboarding flow, an email drip campaign or a product launch. With a background in PR, her heartbeat tends to increase in discussions regarding positioning and branding.