I boiled down what I’ve learned about startup marketing during the past years in 21 short and sweet emails. In the email course “Marketing for early-stage startups” I share learnings and examples from the years when I lead the marketing team at Wrapp and as a freelance consultant for startups.

The course covers five areas of startup marketing:

  1. Positioning and branding
  2. User insights
  3. Acquiring customers
  4. Retaining customers
  5. Management and operations

If you take the course, you’ll be getting one email per day for 21 days, each one focused on one part of the smorgasbord of tasks and challenges for a startup marketer.

I decided to create this course for the startup marketers I’ve mentored and bounced ideas off of over the past years, for founders who’ve reached out for help and for future startup marketers. I hope you learn something new and I welcome all feedback.

Let me know what you think.