It’s been two years since we left San Francisco to start the Approach journey. We have met amazing people and learned a lot about Indonesia, Singapore and Berlin. We have also learned a few things about how to live this kind of life and have decided to create a base in Singapore. We’re not giving up. We’re just settling down a little bit.

One of the many interesting people we have gotten to know through Approach is the global speaker Fredrik Härén. So far he has spoken in over 60 countries. He is one of the biggest globetrotters we know. His presentations are about creativity and building global mindsets, subjects he has also written several books on.

Mr Härén is originally from Sweden but lives in Singapore when he’s not traveling. In the process of deciding where to live after years in different places, Mr Härén created a long list of pros and cons. Singapore, perhaps the most global place in the world, ended up being the winner. While there are other global metropolises, Singapore is a city that’s not surrounded by a country, unlike London, as Mr Härén puts it. It also has the world’s best airport and is home to one of the best airlines.

We have spent four months in Singapore (our son was born here) and agree that this truly is a global place. Just like Mr Härén, we have decided to make Singapore our base for now. So, hello Singapore. Hello to having an apartment again after two years in Airbnbs, “friendbnbs”, serviced apartments and hotel rooms. We’re looking forward to having a place to call home again. Don’t worry, we’re not quitting our crazy life project just yet. We promise you to continue posting frequent updates from airplanes around the word.